christonardHi. I’m Chris Leonard. I’m an analyst, engineer, marketer, and probably a few other things as well. I live in Austin, Texas & work for a computer company. I’ve loved numbers & math for most of my adult life. My interest in data analysis was piqued while in engineering school. In my professional life I work with a lot of data, which makes statistics & applied math pretty useful. I love it.

I’ve also had an interest in programming since I was a kid. Much of my experience has been with HTML & PHP while working with websites. More recently I’ve completed research projects using Python and analysis with R. I’ve also taken an interest in machine learning & data visualization. I plan to go further with this.

I’m also a husband and a dad. My family is amazing, they help keep me grounded. We have a pretty sweet life together.

The header photo above is of the harbour in Dingle, Ireland. It was taken by me, with a Canon point & shoot camera. I took a series of photos then stitched them together with Hugin.

I can be reached via Twitter, christonard.

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