How to Copy & Paste in PuTTY

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copy pasteWhen working with larger data sets I spend a fair amount of time in the terminal. Recently I had to do something quick from Windows, so I installed PuTTY. I was quickly reminded that copy & paste work differently here. From the PuTTY FAQ.

Copy: Just highlight (aka select) text in the window. That’s it. Anything highlighted will be saved to the clipboard.

Paste: Right click. As soon as you right click the clipboard is pasted.

Here are a few other tricks that I found after a quick search.

  • Shift-Insert: alternate method for pasting.
  • Shift-Right-Click: brings up a context menu.
  • Double Click: Select the word under the cursor and copy it to the clipboard.
  • Triple Click: This is the equivalent of ‘select all’. It selects everything within the window and copies it to the clipboard.

It’s a little annoying that Control-C & Control-V work differently here. In fact, you’ll want to be careful. These commands do get sent to the server, so depending on what you’re doing Control-C could kill a process.