Join The Fight Against Net Neutrality

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FCC logoI just read that several large internet companies are joining the fight against FCC’s net neutrality proposal. This is good news for America, I’m not a fan of the proposal. I did some research on what I as an individual could do.

  1. Write your congressman. They were elected to serve you. The FCC is an independent agency, which means they can’t be bossed around by the House, but it never hurts to get elected officials involved.

  1. Sign a White House petition to reclassify broadband providers. If this petition reaches 100,000 signatures then the President will supposedly need to respond. Again, no guarantee that the the FCC will respond, but if the President does address this the attention will help.
  2. Contact the FCC directly. They’ve established an email address to field comments on this matter, You will be filing a document into an official FCC proceeding. Anything you submit (including name & address) will be publicly available.
  3. Contact one of the companies joining the fight. Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Netflix, Dropbox, Yahoo, and likely others are all preparing to fight this. Send them a note to show your support, and ask them to raise awareness the way that they did for SOPA back in 2012.

I’ll be doing these things myself. The internet is literally one of my favorite things (and where I make my living). Please help beat this proposal, any way you can.